Well Being

It is always important to improve your well being, whether or not you feel that your health is in a positive position, or if you are suffering from health conditions that you need advice on, Divine Nutrition can help.

One to One Initial Consultations

Divine Nutrition holds one to one consultations, of which wholly focuses on the analysis and improvement of the well being for our clients.

You will go through an initial assessment bespoke to you and your needs, to ascertain your individual programme. These last one hour, during which we will discuss your case history and diet, what may be contributing to your symptoms and we will agree on a personalised plan for you to follow between consultations to improve your well being.

You will receive accurate nutritional tips and motivational guidance, which will include recipes and detailed explanations and handouts as appropriate.

Prior to the consultation you will fill out a questionnaire and food diary where we will look at supporting you with appropriate changes and recommendations. You will be coached through motivational techniques to inspire you to make the changes specific to your needs.

What you can expect:

  • At least 2 hours research on your health condition/s
  • Handouts offering full explanations and dietary advice
  • A personalized diet and lifestyle plan
  • Weekly email support /skype chats for four weeks


Initial Consultation £75

Follow up £45


Divine Nutrition offers consultations throughout London with clinics in Covent Garden, Islington and Bromley.

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