Weight Loss

Skinny in the City

Weight loss is one of the main areas where a nutritionist can really help you. If you’re trying to lose weight without any support it can become quite monotonous and demotivating if you’re not seeing the results you want at the pace you want.

Divine Nutrition will keep you on the right track, with tailored advice and consultation when you need it most. We are here to motivate you, and most importantly to educate you, on the nutritional choices you make; ensuring that your diet is well balanced through different food groups and portion control.

The Divine Nutrition weight loss system is a course of 4 inspirational one-to-one sessions that you can either do face to face or via skype.

The course is intended to help you break away from old habits and help you to understand the connection between psychology and food so that you can improve both your lifestyle and your relationship with food.

It will encourage you to eat better for health, whilst also encouraging you to have a positive body image, restoring confidence and self esteem to ensure you receive a healthier weight and outlook on life.

You will receive comprehensive, practical advice on nutrition and learn a healthy way of eating that works for you, helping you to achieve sustainable weight loss.

Divine Nutrition provides you with the motivation and encouragement you need through daily email support and weekly skype chats to check your progress and offer guidance and support.

The Course will Cover:


- Identifying underlying causes of weight gain

- The philosophy of effective weight loss

- Balancing your blood sugar levels effectively

- What to eat when you go out – Skinny Picks – so you can dine out without sabotaging your waistline

- Crisis number for when you are in need to coach you away from the cake

- Detailed shopping lists

- Recipes and handouts

Price: 4 sessions over 6 weeks:  £300

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