Success Stories

Weight Loss Program | Emma

Emma became a client of Divine Nutrition in January 2011 with a goal to lose weight for her wedding in the summer.


After completing a 3 day food diary and health questionnaire, it resulted that Emma had symptoms of IBS. IBS is an umbrella term used to describe various digestive complaints such as bloating and diarrhoea.
The first thing we did was to improve Emma’s digestion. Digestion is at the heart of good health because it’s not what you eat but what you absorb.

Emma’s symptoms of diarrhoea and bloating may have been due to a possible food intolerance; the most common food intolerances are to wheat and dairy so we suggested that she cut back on wheat at first to see if she noticed any improvement in her digestion.

Cutting out foods that you may be intolerant to can also help with weight loss. This is because when we eat foods that our bodies can not fully digest, the hormone cortisol is released which tells the body to store fat around the middle.

Food intolerances can also cause water retention which will slow down weight loss.

Emma was also showing signs of an imbalance of gut bacteria. This may have been due to previous use of antibiotics. Therefore, it was recommended that probiotics were used to address the balance. Recent studies have also indicated that probiotics may be beneficial for weight loss.

To improve Emma’s digestion we also recommended that she increase her intake of fibre to ensure healthy stools and to help with the elimination of cholesterol.

Fibre is also important for weight loss as it helps to keep us fuller for longer.


After her initial analysis, we recommended that Emma concentrated on supporting her liver. This is because when the liver is overloaded toxins are stored in fat cells, when losing weight these toxins are released. Emma’s liver may have been overloaded due to the fact that she smoked, regularly drank alcohol and lived in a city. If the liver is overloaded this may slow down weight loss as the body will fight to keep hold of fat cells.

Starting the day with lemon and hot water will help to stimulate your liver and digestive system.

Weight Loss

To be able to lose weight, Divine Nutrition devised a program for Emma to follow that would balance her blood sugar levels and increase the amount of fibre and protein in her diet. Eating good quality protein with every meal slows down the rate at which the stomach empties and keeps you fuller for longer.
Essential fats were also important in supporting Emma’s weight loss. Fat just has an unfortunate name; it’s actually sugar that makes people gain weight. I recommend fat with every meal even if you have an apple eat a small handful of almonds. This is because fat speeds up the metabolism, encourages your body to burn fat around your middle, keeps you feeling fuller for longer and plumps up skin cells making you look younger. Whereas sugar does the exact opposite of all of these things.

Emma was able to follow the plan easily at home and enjoyed the healthy recipes she was given to follow.

Emma has reported on her progress, “Natalie really helped me to identify what was lacking in my diet and what I could do to improve my health, self esteem and weight loss. I felt really motivated and encouraged, within 6 months I had lost 2 stone and had improved health in general. I also felt I had lost the weight in a really gradual and healthy way which is easy to maintain. I would highly recommend her services whatever you are looking to achieve”.