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Getting the right Nutrition in London is not always easy. Swapping chips for steamed broccoli or ordering a salad with the dressing on the side is difficult enough, then your spouse or best friend orders a burger and large fries, making healthy eating that much more difficult. However, do not let their bad habits sabotage your efforts to eat right.

Our restaurant guide is here to help keep your healthy eating on track, even when dinning out. Fit healthy eating into your London lifestyle with our guide to healthy choices at some of our favourite restaurants, we have done the hard work for you and all you have to do is choose the ‘skinny pick’.

Here are our ‘Skinny picks’ so that you can dine out without sabotaging your waistline.


When it comes to healthy living the Japanese have got it right, Japanese women and men live longer and healthier than everyone else on Earth. If you’re fishing for ways to reduce the risk of heart disease, you might start with a seafood rich diet typically served up by the Japanese.

Skinny pick: Starter: Miso soup or sun kissed tuna Main: Salmon teriyaki or sushi with a serving of spinach.

Skinny tip: Avoid ordering white rice, which can disrupt blood sugar levels and lead to weight gain.



Mildred’s is a fantastic vegetarian restaurant in Soho, offering a variety of fresh, organic and homemade vegetarian foods all of which is made daily on the premises. Try meat free Monday’s to help you increase the number of vegetables within your diet and give yourself an antioxidant boost.

Skinny pick = Asian tofu stir-fry which is delicious and packed full of belly filling fibre (broccoli, leek, cashew nuts) and protein (Tofu).

Skinny tip: Avoid the homemade bread to reduce calorie intake



Located in Wholefoods in Kensington, Saf specialise in gourmet plant-based and raw food. Saf uses no animal products, no dairy, and no refined or processed ingredients to create a sin free dinning experience.

Skinny pick: beetroot ravioli with cashew and herb ricotta.

Skinny tip: The beetroot and cashews will help to lower your blood pressure.


Busaba Eathi

A quality chain across London serving Thai cuisine.

Skinny pick: starter: Green papaya salad with dried shrimps and cherry tomato Main: Tofu and spinach with brown rice

Skinny tip: Brown rice is full of belly filling fibre and B vitamins that will help to keep your blood sugar levels stable


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